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Family disputes can cause stress, anxiety, and even depression. Having to go through the process without a competent, compassionate, and understanding attorney, can be devastating.

​First and foremost, we care. We will aggressively work towards getting you everything you deserve. You may have been blindsided with the prospect of divorce or you may have been contemplating an end to your marriage for some time now. Regardless of how you got here, you are bound to be carrying a heavy weight of doubt and uncertainty.  You may feel raw, drained, hurt, and angry. We understand what you are going through. Not only will we be your advocate, but we will be a shoulder to lean on. If you just need to talk, we will listen.  Every step of the way, we will be there.

California is a community property state; this means that you are entitled to half of the community property upon marital dissolution. Community property is any and all property obtained during the marriage, except for gifts and inheritances. You are also entitled to all of your separate property, which includes all property obtained prior to the marriage or after the date of your separation. We will fight aggressively to ensure that when your divorce is final, you walk away with all of your separate property, and your half of the community property.

Child Custody

It is always best for parents to arrive at a custody agreement without resorting to the Courts to make a determination because the parents, generally, collectively have a better idea of what is in the best interest of their child. We will help you identify the interests of each party involved in your child custody matter, and through meetings and negotiations, we will work diligently to ensure that your child custody agreement protects your interests.
When a case cannot be settled, the custody of the child is determined by the Court. The Court's goal is to act in the best interest of the child. To identify the child's best interest, the Court applies the facts of the case and the situation of each parent, to predetermined factors which have historically influenced the best interest of the child. We will prepare your case to ensure that the judge sees you in the best possible light and attempt to mitigate any factors that may negatively influence the judge's best interest determination. 

Unbundled Services
We are a full service law firm. We can represent you in your family law matter from inception to final judgment, or we can help you with a single part of your matter for which you need legal expertise. The legal services offered in family law can be unbundled. Whether you need a premarital agreement drafted, a settlement agreement negotiated, a hearing attended, or litigation paperwork prepared; we can perform services a la carte. Please contact us for pricing information.