I understand that financial troubles can be a fact of life and the resulting pain and stress can be debilitating. If you are overwhelmed and need shelter from a storm of debt, the Law Office of Tanisha N. Bostick will examine your financial situation to help you decide whether filing for bankruptcy is right for you.

Types of Bankruptcy

One of the first things we’ll discuss is the type of bankruptcy that will best suit your circumstances. I offer quality representation and will explain your bankruptcy options as well as bankruptcy alternatives. Whether you would benefit from a Chapter 13 repayment plan or a Chapter 7 discharge of your debts, I will work to simplify the process for you.

  • Chapter 7 involves getting some or all of your debt erased. This option means you’ll be discharging this unsecured debt, which can refer to debt from credit cards or personal loans. If you have business debt, or if you’re representing a business, this option is best for you.
  • Chapter 13 involves discharging a part of your debt, as well as setting up a personalized repayment plan that spans three to five years. Only non-business-related cases are eligible for Chapter 13, meaning it is specifically meant for individuals and couples.

Take matters into your own hands. Get informed of your situation, and talk with me during a free initial consultation.

The light at the of the tunnel is your new beginning

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California Bankruptcy Exemptions & Automatic Stay

Your well being is important to me. I can help you stop repossessions, foreclosures, collections, levies, wage garnishments, harassment, and any other actions being taken against you in an effort to collect a debt. Thanks to the automatic stay, bill collectors must immediately stop their collection efforts when they hear you’ve filed for bankruptcy protection. Depending on pre-specified dollar amounts (the exemption to cover your equity), and loans on items for which you pay regularly, you are entitled to keep much of your property. Come to my office to learn more about the exemptions for which you qualify, and we’ll work to get you comfortably through the process.

Let’s Square Away Your Debt

My law office is a debt-relief agency that helps people file under the Bankruptcy Code. This is probably a tough time for you, so I want to focus on getting you to that light at the end of the tunnel. It might be helpful for you to think of this process as a new beginning. The consultation is free and the concern is genuine. I am here to help.

San Diego’s Go-to Bankruptcy Attorney

I know how debt can loom over your life and inhibit your efforts in the most destructive way. If they pile up too high, it may be time to seek my representation for bankruptcy proceedings. My office here in San Diego will tell you everything you need to know, and then I’ll go the distance with your representation. Call to schedule your free consultation today.